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Available services

Assessment and Therapy/Supervision/Training/Consultancy

R&R was designed to help individuals and organisations to cope with demands unique to their work and how this can hijack functioning in life. Because of this I offer a range of products to support frontline services either to individuals directly or to an organisation employing those on the frontline. 

  • Individual therapy  

  • Supervision opportunities

    • Both group and individual.

      • ​Following recommended professional guidelines I offer a 90 minute monthly session. 

      • Alternatively there are 50 and 60 minute sessions.

      • Supervision sessions will be from a Psychodynamic and/or Sensorimotor theory and practice perspective

      • Orientation of sessions will be discussed beforehand and agreed.

  • Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Case Consultation

    • Offered as a group or on an individual basis.​

      • To support learning whilst on each sensorimotor course  OR

      • Following completion of a course to consolidate learning and application of sensorimotor psychotherapy

  • Bespoke Training packages designed around an organisational need and developed in collaboration with the organisation.

    • Reflective space run on an individual basis or with staffing teams

    • Staff support groups to promote well being

  • Organisational consultancy and support.

Please note, cost of organisational training and consultancy will be negotiated with the organisation directly. 

I offer daily rates for organisations.

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