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What should I choose - Face to Face or online?

A consequence of the pandemic was that it broadened choice about the way to take part in therapy and supervision/consultancy (for example, phone, text, chat rooms, individual and group therapy via online platforms). 

Online therapy really works.

I work online to provide online therapy and supervision.

Have you thought about online? 

Some Benefits

>Therapy from your own home or in a space that that suits you

>Secure software offers confidentiality and peace of mind

> No chance that you may be seen entering the venue where therapy takes place

> Therapy at a time, place and pace that suits you

> Some people find it easier to express themselves when the therapist is not physically in the same room

> Access to therapy may be more immediate

> Flexibility to choose the technology you feel is best for you: telephone, email, live chat or webcam

> Body oriented therapy can be done online

> Wider choice of therapist to choose from because you are not limited by geographical locations

I am happy to talk through online therapy.  It isn't second best it is equal to face to face therapy and for some people it is better for them.

 Things to consider

  • Are you comfortable using internet technology?

  • Do you need a practice run with the technology first?

  • Would you prefer to see your therapist face-to-face?

  • Do you feel your situation is too complex to discuss via the internet?

  • Is there a computer terminal that you can use privately without interruption?

  • What to do if the technology is interrupted part way through a session?

  • What support do you need from your therapist/supervisor to help you use online?

All these questions can be discussed and answered in our first contact together.

Note, if you are a therapist working online then having a clinical supervisor who works online and is comfortable and confident working on line is important to support you with your own client work online.

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