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Who am I?

I am Karen Butler​

I am a Senior Accredited member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP, Sen-Accred).

I am a Psychodynamic and Certified Advanced Sensorimotor Therapist and in those 20+ years I have worked with those who have used violence (sometimes extreme levels); I have helped those who have been the victim of other people’s aggression and violence and witnessed serious events; I have been on the receiving end of violence, aggression and emotional distress; I have supported those who have experienced psychological trauma and helped them cope with the challenges of daily life; I have explored suicidal ideation and helped the person to manage; I am used to helping those behaving recklessly including using substances or drinking too much.  Each one of the people I have helped have relationship difficulties.  So as you can see I am not going to be easily overwhelmed by what people tell me. 

Alongside the therapeutic work I have my own experience of the demands this work places on a person and through getting help when I have been faced with difficulties have been able to continue to have a healthy and emotionally rich life.  Additionally I have family members who also work and have worked in frontline services.  I understand both the short and longer term impact of exposure to this line of work.

The thing that sets me apart is that I know what it is like to work in a frontline service having worked in different organisations (healthcare, forensic and charities) for over 20 years  as well as private practice.  I know that although help can be there, stigma continues to exist in relation to accessing support.  Though the culture has shifted concerning mental health and well-being I cannot ignore the stigma that still exists and so R&R (restore and recover) was created to try and connect with those of you who may find it hard to ask for help.  I know first-hand the challenges that exist for organisations and those working within frontline services and understand the barriers to getting help and the courage needed to face up to things not being quite right.  Working therapeutically within stressful frontline services has given me direct experience of what it takes to work in these professions and the impact this work has upon our daily life.

Alongside this extensive work history I have clinical qualifications to support my expertise that include

  • Advanced Certification as a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist

  • An MSc in Psychodynamic Counselling

  • A Post Graduate Certificate in Managing people with Personality Disorder

  • A Diploma in Using the Group as the Medium for Supervision

I am an EMDR therapist and a practitioner of the Flash Technique too, which is linked to EMDR. 

I continue to engage in Professional Development and in 2024 completed TIST level 1.  I engage in clinical supervision to maintain my clinical efficacy and competency.


In 2022 completed an 80 hour course to provide therapy online showing my commitment to therapy that is accessible. 

I support others through my roles as student tutor with those on the Institute of Group Analysis Group Supervision Diploma and Assisting on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training.  I am a consultant-in-training for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy offering case consultation.  

My practice is confidential complies with GDPR and works within the BACP Ethical framework.


Feedback that has been given to me


"Karen showed me it was OK to live again"

"You helped me to feel safe so I could learn to live again" 

"I learned how to understand what was going on inside.  It helped me feel more in control of myself"  

"I don't know how she did it but it seemed like magic and afterwards I felt lighter...more relief"   

"It helped me to feel a whole person again.  I wasn't so scared of myself"   

"I was freed from what happened in the was difficult though"   

"I got in touch with things I didn't even realise were there  and unknowingly was holding me back from recovering"  

"I am so grateful for all the help you gave me through my journey.

Your support was exceptional."

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