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Investing in your mental health takes a commitment.  If you are reading this part of the website you are interested in what you have read and probably feeling the wide reaching effects of the work you do.

Sadly, treatment also comes at a cost and here is the ugly bit.

Individual work.  

    • Assessment ​- takes place over a session up to 90 minute and costs £120.

    • Treatment  - £75 for 50 minute session. 

      • Short and longer term treatment options are discussed, agreed and reviewed based on individual need.

      • Sessions are payable through direct debit or cash prior to a session. 

      • Alternatively payment plans are available.

      • I have weekend and evening appointments to offer flexibility.

  • Supervision opportunities

    • 90 minute monthly sessions are £120.

    • 50 minute supervision sessions are £75.

  • Sensorimotor Case Consultations

    • 90 minute Consultations are £120.

    • 50 minute Consultations are £75.

  • Bespoke Training packages are designed around an organisational need and developed in collaboration with the organisation.  As such they vary in cost.

  • Organisational consultancy and support will also vary in cost depending on what is required and will be negotiated with the organisation. 

I offer daily rates for organisations.

I have professional indemnity insurance.

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