The greatest act of courage is asking for help
Do you work in a frontline service? Or have done in the past?

Do you

  • Have relationship difficulties?

  • Use alcohol to excess?

  • Been tempted or used drugs?

  • Have problems sleeping and feel tired?

  • Contemplate harming yourself or committing suicide?

  • Gamble or behave recklessly?

  • Often feel restless?

  • Experience violent thoughts or rages?

  • Often think your emotions will overwhelm you?

  • Say to yourself “man up”?

  • Shut down or numb to cope?

  • Experience flashbacks?

  • See other people coping and think so should I be?

  • Have friends or relatives telling you that you have a problem?




 I am a Psychodynamic and Sensorimotor Psychotherapist with more than 20 years experience of working in frontline services.  

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